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Recorded by Nico Eschalier in october 2015 at Magic Studio, Saint Péray
Vocals in april 2016 in Villeurbanne
Mixed by Nico Eschalier in april 2016
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe in may 2016 at Maniac Mansion, Philadelphia
Front picture by Hugo Janody
Artwork design by Julien Paget
Drums : Clément Meynier
Guitar : Flo Pons
Bass : Nak Gz
Guitar : Nico Mollin
Vibraphone : Renaud Cholewa
Trumpet : Steven Whiteley
Vocals : Nak, Nico, Flo

LP available on these nice labels :
Adagio 830 (Germany and US)
Guerilla Asso (France)
Pike Records (Germany)
Inhumano Discos (Switzerland and South America)
La Agonia de Vivir (Spain)
DTTH (France)
Dog Knights Productions (UK)
No Routine (France)
Hardcore For The Losers (Austria, Croatia)
La Tête d'Ampoule (DTC)


released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


SPORT Lyon, France

We are an indie punk band from Lyon, France. Feel free to write us.

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Track Name: Deadfilm
When everything is over
Your body lifeless and destroyed
What kind of magic
Made the thing that was “you” ?
Could it be some kind of random talks
Of cells in the brain ?
Or is there something like a soul ?
Like formless emotions ?
That made you the only one
I guess it’s like a movie
The projector’s broken
It’s a dead film
Lost pictures in a coffin
Maybe it’s just like some kind of great ideas
Someday they come, someday they disappear.
Track Name: Rébuffat
Rise early
The giants in front of me
My feet move upon where I once laid my eyes
Triangle shaped, ancestral
The ridge is right on top
Cold and tired, decided to go,
This fortress turns me on
Landscapes that keep repeating
They keep evolving in different patterns, high up
Witnessing the birth of a new day
As we climb to meet the sun
So far from the crowd
So close to what we are
Move upward with the clouds
At this time of mystery and hope
We know the rope is holding our friendship
Our friendship is our rope, high up
Track Name: Nod
Salt and pepper
Already five years older
Now you allow me to remain silent sometimes
We kept fighting
I guess we liked it, oh we did
We got that some words need to stay unspoken, untold
And I nod, I nod all the time
Have we become grown ups ?
Or two kids in grown up bodies ?
I don’t need your words to see right through you.
There’re always voices keeping talking :
talkers taking things too seriously
I do like questions, do I like answers ?
So I nod, I nod in silence
So it’s either it’s not the right time or you thought of it too many times so it comes out wrong. And it feels OK, I don’t need no word cause I just like to see you nod, when I’m nodding.
It speaks in silence
Track Name: Full House
Short pants, tight shoes, “not coming home tonight”
Wheatfields horizon, weak legs to walk the land
To crushing mountains, great peaks I’ll learn to love
And you dear sister, you feeling the same way ?

Lonesome misgivings of growing old alone
Life long grieving, life long reconstruction
Same face, same talks, and our restrained bond
We shared a full house, full of people, full of pain

A fork crossroad : is it the only place to be ?
Once I found a full house down in Michigan
It gave me something, I had never had before :
The quiet of some people I could trust

Same face, same talks, same will to runaway
We’ve been shattered by affective insecurity
Can’t say I love you, you can’t either, can you ?
Thirty something, you made me the best gift you could do
Track Name: Leaves
Winter sun’s silently warming
The fallen leaves turning to soil
Strange life for the one who finds
the great truth of solitude.
Keep my head close to the ground
Sweet enjoyment of my city.
Track Name: Muscles
A couple dots and a line
Shape a better smile
Than 38 muscles on my face
For you to come home,
I’d take a swim at the north pole
The waters can’t be colder than my hands
Good night sweet memory
It was good to have you here all warm with me
Just give me a pencil
So I start drawing
Some weird plans that can make me smile again.
Good night sweet memory
It was good to have you here all warm with me
Track Name: Trompe l'ennui
Trompe l’ennui, passent les heures qu’on empêche de filer
Trime la nuit, pas d’escale pour soulager l’esprit
Les yeux s'animent aux mensonges des vitrines
Et creusent l'abîme pour pas prendre la poussière

Trompe la mort, mais la faux vient te gratter les pieds
Crèvent les gens de ne pas laisser la vie se rider
Des idées noires pour le deuil des vingt ans
Où est le mal à vouloir prendre le temps ?
Track Name: Word95
Checking in every night
For some gibberish conversations
There’s a voice in his eyes
And some confused explanations
Soaking wet to the bone, he’s a cure
For my lack of inspiration
He catches those words that don’t really make sense
Uprooted plant from his homeland
Or just a willing guy among the living dead, rookie rookie
He catches those words that don’t really make sense
I like those words cause they really make sense